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Dürnkrut-Götzendorf II produces clean electricity

Four new W.E.B plants officially in operation 

The time had finally come after about eight months of construction work: all four plants of the new wind farm Dürnkrut-Götzendorf II were successfully put into operation. The Vestas V126 turbines with a total capacity of 13.8 MW will provide some 25,000 people per year with sustainable energy. After the ground-breaking ceremony for the wind farm in February, the construction team did a great job and took full advantage of the warm temperatures. Now as it gets cooler again, the wind farm is already generating clean electricity.      

The location at Dürnkrut is certainly not unknown territory to W.E.B, as the company has been operating a wind farm with five power plants on site since 2012. The decision of W.E.B to expand the existing wind farm was a rather easy one thanks to the positive relationship with the local population and the excellent wind conditions at Dürnkrut.

Today W.E.B is proud to operate a total of nine wind power plants in the municipalities of Dürnkrut and Velm-Götzendorf with a total capacity of 23.8 MW for more than 40,000 people per year.        

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