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Sustainable Investment

You can benefit from clean energy

WEB Windenergie AG offers the largest direct citizen participation model in the Austrian wind energy industry. From the beginning W.E.B's first wind power plant in Michelbach was enabled due to the participaiton of citizens.    

W.E.B offers two kinds of citizen participation: W.E.B-shares and W.E.B-bonds.


DI Beate Zöchmeister, MAS
+43 2848  6336 - 19
+43 664  962 70 04  



  • W.E.B-shares


    W.E.B-share is a green investment option für everyone. It is a solid form of investment of which the value largely remained stable even in times of financial crisis. 


  • W.E.B-bonds

    W.E.B-bond ist characterized by fixed interest and fixed maturity periods, it is a secure and profitable form of investment. WEB Windenergie AG issues bonds when there is a concrete need for financing. 





WEB Windenergie AG
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