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W.E.B Board of Directors 

Responsible Diversity 

The two-man Board of Directors of WEB Windenergie AG combines competence from various fields: pioneering spirit, extensive know-how, technical experience and analytic-economic expertise.     


This management team guarantees that all decisions are well conceived and thoroughly discussed from various perspectives. Only then is the company able to master all the challenges of this growing industry.          

Dr. Frank Dumeier
Phone: +43 2848 6336
Tasks and Competences
Phone: +43 2848 6336
DI Dr. Michael Trcka
Phone: +43 2848 6336
Tasks and Competences
Phone: +43 2848 6336
WEB Windenergie AG   
Davidstraße 1, A-3834 Pfaffenschlag, Telefon: +43 2848 6336, Telefax: +43 2848 6336-14,, 
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